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Eastern Region Trekking

Nepal the beautiful gift of nature has been divided into the different region on the basis of tourist activities among such region eastern region is also one. Eastern region is located in eastern part of Nepal with three zones and 16 districts. Totals population of the eastern region exceeds more than 5 million and they belong to different cast and culture following different tradition and norms. This region has also common feature like of another region, three fold geographical formations Terai, Hills, and Mountain.
In the eastern region, we can find great diversity in land altitude because the eastern region has very low land and the very high land of the world that is 60 meters to 8848 meter. This region is famous for Trekking, Expedition, Bungee jumping, Rafting, Chiya began safari (Tea garden), and etc. Bungee and Rafting in Bhote Koshi River are famous globally. There are several famous mountain peaks in this region like Mahalangur, Kumbakarana, Lumba, samba etc. we can also find variation in natural habitats and vegetations, Tundra vegetables, coniferous forest, deciduous monsoon forests and sub-tropical evergreen woods are vegetations found here. Sub-tropical, temperate, sub-temperate, and alpine and tundra types of climates can also be found here. To talk about an external link to this region there is Tibet in north and central region in west and parts of India like Sikkim Bihar in remaining.
Biratnagar, Dharan, Dhankuta, Itahari, Rajbiraj, Birtamod and Damak, Gaighat, Lahan, Ilam, and Bhadrapur are important cities in the eastern region. One of the most notable places is Namche Bazaar, the town near the base camp of Mt. Everest through where most of the trekking and expedition of this region are conducted. So eastern region can be unforgettable destination site in Nepal to spend your holiday in complete



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