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Trekking in Nepal

The Himalayan country of Nepal has always been popular among trekkers and hikers around the world. The magnificent mountains in the background call to its admirers for a glance at them. Trekking in Nepal is about fulfilling the thirst for adventure and getting closer to nature.

Different old and new trekking routes in Nepal expose trekkers to physical challenges leading to mental relaxation. Each day and each moment out there in the Himalayas is the experience of something fresh and serene. If that doesn’t get a hold of your interest, then what will?

Walking on trekking trails in Nepal, you will pass through heavenly alpine forests and lush green pastures. You will know the importance of mountain and trekking in Nepal when you witness the unique blend of culture and nature.

The diversity of the trails is unmatchable - from low terai plains to the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest (8,848m). You decide the duration of your trek. In fact, 2 weeks trek in Nepal is more common but you can choose the trail depending on your budget and time.

The majority of visitors start their journey by entering Nepal via the Tribhuvan International Airport. However, that will soon change with the opening of other International Airports in Nepal. Although one thing that will never change is the breathtaking Himalayan views and the thirst for adventure.

As of now, trekkers need to acquire their permits and other documents in Kathmandu. Zambuling Trekking will help you with these documents which will be checked along the trekking route. Nepal trekking has changed a lot since the 80s and 90s.

The main trekking areas now have National Parks and Conservation areas where trekkers can find good accommodation and food. Popular trekking routes are well maintained and the chances of losing your path are very low if you follow the signs. In fact, if you have a guide with you, then you can experience the best of the trekking trails.

Best Time For Trekking in Nepal

As we know, Nepal has a diverse variation in climates due to the difference in altitude. Considering the challenges in traveling and trekking, the autumn season is the best time to trek in Nepal. The weather is generally clear with moderate temperatures and amazing trekking conditions. In this season, trekkers can easily witness stunning panoramic views of the mountains.

Similarly, trekking in the spring season is not that bad either. The blooming flowers and lush green vegetation with sparkling mountains in the background are all worth it. The mornings offer a crystal clear view of the Himalayas while the afternoon can be cloudy.

In the winter season, it is more challenging at higher altitudes as most parts of the trail can be covered with snow. So, we recommend that you trek below 3000m altitude in winter.

However, we strongly advise against trekking in the summer. The trails are muddy and wet. If that won’t be a problem for you, think about leeches and other insects creeping on the path. Moreover, monsoon in Nepal makes it more challenging with wet and humid conditions.

Best Regions for Trekking in Nepal

So, what are you waiting for? Find out which trek in Nepal interests you and meets your requirements.



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